New updates and improvements to Quorum

October 20, 2020

Redesigned public pages

Many groups are opting to share the web link for their group with participants so that people can sign up without needing to download the app. This is many peoples first experience of the product. We wanted to fill them with confidence as they entered their personal and payment details. So we redesigned the signup page with our new branding (sneak peek 👀) and an improved explanation of the payment details.

Year in Chat

In order to onboard our two new employees we spent a week building a hack project! What came of the week was a tool to analyse your WhatsApp conversation. Get stats on who you chat to the most, which of your groups are most active, and even your favourite emojis 😂💃🥑😷🏖

Give it a try on

Fixes and improvements:

  • Rearchitected push notifications so that all they were more reliable

  • User profiles now allow you to add a tagline alongside your bio

  • Fixed an issue where the UI didn’t scroll out of the way when adding multiple poll answers

  • Improved the time it takes to create a new account (from 4s to 1.5s 🏃‍♂️💨)

  • View what each user is being charged on the web dashboard

September 15, 2020

Embeddable widget

Users can now sign up to your group from your own website 🤯 We offer a simple snippet of code that you can integrate with any website builder / template that will allow visitors to your site discover your group from your webpage.

Custom sections

The ‘About’ section of every group was restricting users from explaining a bunch of things they needed to - community rules, terms and conditions, what’s offered to subscribers. With custom sections you can create all these and more to explain every facet of your group to participants.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Talk to the team from the web dashboard through Intercom

  • Send a text to the group owner when a user joins their group

  • Prompt users who sign up online to download the app via an SMS

  • Correct image ratio when viewing certain sized imaged in the media viewer on the app

September 15, 2020

Free trials & Coupons

Joining a paid group is a commitment. Quorum now offers group owners the flexibility to add a free trial to their chat so that participants can experience what it is like to engage with the group before their subscription starts.

Similarly every business needs the ability to create one off plans for specific customers. Whether you want to offer your first 10 users the first 3 months free, or give your friends & family 50% off for life, it’s all possible on Quorum by sharing a special link.

Add tax

VAT may be boring but it’s very important if you’re charging clients for a service. You can now specify the tax on top on your groups services which will appear in the invoice sent to your participants.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fix layout issues in different languages

  • Disabled state on buttons in the app when joining a group

  • Cleanup authentication flow so it’s more reliable and prevents accidental logging out of users

  • Do some asynchronous loading so the initial load time on. The dashboard is quicker

  • Fix a bug that was asking people for their credit card details to access a free group

September 1, 2020

Web chat

Since we launched our business dashboard an increasing amount of admins have been using it to manage their groups on Quorum. We wanted to let them engage with their groups too.

There’s a new tab on the dashboard for every group that lets you open up a chat interface so you can converse exactly as you would on mobile.

Multi-lingual support

The Quorum chat app now detects the system language of a users phone and is able to offer the app in multiple languages. We’ve started by adding French as a second option but send us a message if there’s another language you’d like to see supported - it only takes us about a day to get it setup.

Multiple admins

Not every group is run by a single individual. Some are moderated by multiple admins. We built a way for you to allow multiple Quorum users to act as admins on your group - you’re still the sole owner.

Fixes and improvements

  • See when a user subscribed to your group in the ‘Participants‘ tab on the dashboard

  • Optionally collect emails when a user signs up online

  • Fixed a bug where invited users weren’t automatically being added to groups on signup

  • Get sent a text message when someone joins your group

  • Easily create a private 1:1 chat with a group participant from the web dashboard with a single button

  • Share your Instagram profile as part of your public profile

August 19, 2020

Public pages

Forget about abundance of tools and hassle of designing, developing and hosting your own website. Quorum now offers you your own portfolio from which you can market your business and convert new clients.

Visitors can learn about you and your groups as well as signup & pay all on the same page, all before they need to download the Quorum app!

Multiple currencies

Depending on where your group is based you may want to charge clients differing amounts. You can now set the currency of your group when deciding on the price so that your clients can be charged in their local currency. (Remember: all of our payments are securely processed through Stripe)

Fixes and improvements:

  • Infrastructural changes that allow us to make changes in the app much faster 🏃‍♂️💨 (We’re talking hours as opposed to days!)

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the group details from being updated

  • Edit your group details from the web dashboard

August 19, 2020

Business dashboard

Chat is the perfect medium to communicate with your clients on but for full-time users who rely on Quorum to run their business it is important that they have the right tools and platform on which they can manage everything. We’ve invested heavily in the first version of an online dashboard, here’s some highlights:

Address book

Managing your service business is hard. Once you have more than a handful of chats with clients on WhatsApp messages get lost in a sea of other chats with friends and families. Quorum makes it really easy to separate your work from your personal life.

You can now see everyone who’s signed up to your group, as well as the people you’ve invited and those who’ve requested access. Think of it as an interactive address book with everything you need to know about your clients, so no one ever gets forgotten about and make sure you’re never forgotten to be paid.

And we’re taking it a step further; oftentimes you know which of your clients need to be added to a group. As the group owner, you can now add participants to a group using their name / phone number.

Plan group

Based on your use case we will give you a template & calendar from which you can plan the first four weeks of your group. Many of our initial group owners have found this to be an invaluable way of making sure they’re providing value to their clients and that the group is worth paying for!

Go live

You might not always want to set your group live straight away. You can save the progress of setting up your group and decide when you want everyone to be given access to your group with the flick of a switch ✨

Small items

  • Users are automatically added to groups they’ve already joined if they signup online

  • Personalize your public profile with the ability to optionally add a description and social links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

July 29, 2020

Disable the chat

We get it - managing your group chat all of the time is hard. That’s why it’s now possible to turn the chat off in a group so only you (the owner) can reply.

Some early beta testers of this feature have been using it to run weekly AMAs / Q&A style sessions. Others permanently leave the chat turned off to participants but share links, job listings & news.

Control media sharing

We know some groups contain sensitive content. Our most requested moderation feature has been to allow group owners to decide whether you can easily save / share images shared in a group.

To enable either of these moderation features, tap on the header of a group chat you own and scroll to the ‘Settings‘ section. Here you’ll be able to toggle on and off the chat or disable media sharing.

Improvements and fixes:

  • Clear up some confusion entering a code during the signup flow

  • Let anyone request access to create chats from within the app!

July 28, 2020

Message replies

It’s annoying at the best of times not to know what message someone is referring to, especially in group chats where there can sometimes be more than one conversation on the go.

We added message replies so that you know exactly what someone is talking about. In an effort to make Quorum the most familiar chat app out there it works exactly as it does anywhere else. Just swipe on a message, type your own and hit send!

Image loading

We heard you loud and clear. Images were sluggish. Under the worst network conditions we heard them taking up to 50 seconds to send 😞

After some digging we found the problem. We were sending massive images. We were sending images with so many megabytes they’d look good on a 4k screen. We set a 3 second rule internally - images should send and be received within 3 seconds. No exceptions!

And now they do thanks to some clever compression and thumbnail previews 😃 In fact, the whole experience is nicer. There’s even a little blurred preview while you wait.

Improvements and fixes:

  • You now get the chance to confirm the image you’re about to send

  • Fixed a bug with poll messages where votes weren’t being registered

July 10, 2020

Poll messages

Our first custom message type allows users to insert polls into a chat. Ask your question and include up to four options for participants to choose from. You can add emojis to options, because who doesn’t ❤️ emojis.

To send your first poll tap the plus icon next next to the input field in any of your group chats.

Edit profile

We believe in personalization & pseudo-anonymity when it comes to personal privacy. Up until now we didn’t let you update your name or profile photo. Now you can!

Tap your profile photo from the homescreen to see the ‘Edit profile‘ option

Improvements and fixes:

  • Group invite page no longer appears zoomed out on mobile

  • Connection error warning now appears more reliably

  • Fixed an issue with link unfurling

  • Typing indicator design improvements

  • Added a more compact list of chats if you have more than six groups

  • Messages are now immediately shown as failed if you have no internet connection

  • Fixed an issue where users were repeatedly asked for camera permissions on Android


P.S We’re hiring a designer as well as a mobile engineer now too

June 25, 2020

Appstore launch

“Wait, so you’re telling me I don’t have to ask my communities to download the app through Testflight anymore?”

Thursday = made 😍

New logo

Following on from our design refresh & to celebrate the launch on both App Stores, we designed a new app icon so it looked lush for the occasion!

Improvements and fixes:

  • Added Intercom so you can chat to the creators of Quorum

  • You can now delete a group as the owner

  • Users can now leave a group and cancel their subscription

P.S We’re hiring a mobile engineer

June 19, 2020

Public links

There’s no need to lose any of your audience when moving to Quorum. We made it even easier to invite participants to your group.

You can now copy the secret code for your group or share to WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, etc…

Improvements and fixes:

  • Group details (name, description, color) can now be updated

  • Fixed an issue where images were being incorrectly cropped when viewed fullscreen

June 5, 2020

Design refresh

Having designed Quorum version one ourselves we knew the app needed some visual love. It was a massive task overhauling all of our screens but we couldn’t be more delighted with how it turned out 😁

Thanks for all the work on this one Peijia!

Improvements and fixes:

  • Phone number picker now defaults to the USA (+1)

  • Groups now update to show new members joining in realtime

May 27, 2020

Android app

Communities live in many different places - it’s important that yours can reach you no matter what platform they use.

Quorum now works on both Android and iOS 🥳 Same great experience, now available to the 25% of mobile users on Android.

Improvements and fixes:

  • Ability to update & remove your payment method
May 18, 2020

Payments 💸

Our most requested feature launches today!

Whether you’re a sports team who rents pitches each week or a therapist who has regular sessions, many groups have an in-person element that requires subscription based payments.

Quorum now allows you to collect recurring payments through the app. All you have to do is specify the price when creating your group and users will be prompted to enter their payment details when joining.

Worried about endlessly entering your credit card, users? We store your payment methods securely. Enter your card details once, and reuse them across all groups.

All payments are handled by Stripe.

Improvements and fixes:

  • Input fields are now visible even when your device is in dark mode

  • Messaging now reconnects when your internet returns while using the app

  • Fixed an issue with overlapping text on the subscribe screen for smaller devices

May 8, 2020

Offline support

Users have come to expect that their chats and messages will be available even when not connected to the internet.

Quorum stores all users content locally so that it’s accessible even with patchy or non-existent network connections. Now that’s 💅

May 1, 2020

We made a changelog!

It does exactly what it says on the tin :)

We’re shipping new features and fixing bugs every week. We started to lose track ourselves. We’ll be sharing some of the bigger features we build and bugs we fix here every week

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