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Free trials & Coupons

Joining a paid group is a commitment. Quorum now offers group owners the flexibility to add a free trial to their chat so that participants can experience what it is like to engage with the group before their subscription starts.

Similarly every business needs the ability to create one off plans for specific customers. Whether you want to offer your first 10 users the first 3 months free, or give your friends & family 50% off for life, it’s all possible on Quorum by sharing a special link.

Add tax

VAT may be boring but it’s very important if you’re charging clients for a service. You can now specify the tax on top on your groups services which will appear in the invoice sent to your participants.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fix layout issues in different languages

  • Disabled state on buttons in the app when joining a group

  • Cleanup authentication flow so it’s more reliable and prevents accidental logging out of users

  • Do some asynchronous loading so the initial load time on. The dashboard is quicker

  • Fix a bug that was asking people for their credit card details to access a free group

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