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Poll messages

Our first custom message type allows users to insert polls into a chat. Ask your question and include up to four options for participants to choose from. You can add emojis to options, because who doesn’t ❤️ emojis.

To send your first poll tap the plus icon next next to the input field in any of your group chats.

Edit profile

We believe in personalization & pseudo-anonymity when it comes to personal privacy. Up until now we didn’t let you update your name or profile photo. Now you can!

Tap your profile photo from the homescreen to see the ‘Edit profile‘ option

Improvements and fixes:

  • Group invite page no longer appears zoomed out on mobile

  • Connection error warning now appears more reliably

  • Fixed an issue with link unfurling

  • Typing indicator design improvements

  • Added a more compact list of chats if you have more than six groups

  • Messages are now immediately shown as failed if you have no internet connection

  • Fixed an issue where users were repeatedly asked for camera permissions on Android


P.S We’re hiring a designer as well as a mobile engineer now too

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