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Disable the chat

We get it - managing your group chat all of the time is hard. That’s why it’s now possible to turn the chat off in a group so only you (the owner) can reply.

Some early beta testers of this feature have been using it to run weekly AMAs / Q&A style sessions. Others permanently leave the chat turned off to participants but share links, job listings & news.

Control media sharing

We know some groups contain sensitive content. Our most requested moderation feature has been to allow group owners to decide whether you can easily save / share images shared in a group.

To enable either of these moderation features, tap on the header of a group chat you own and scroll to the ‘Settings‘ section. Here you’ll be able to toggle on and off the chat or disable media sharing.

Improvements and fixes:

  • Clear up some confusion entering a code during the signup flow

  • Let anyone request access to create chats from within the app!

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