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Business dashboard

Chat is the perfect medium to communicate with your clients on but for full-time users who rely on Quorum to run their business it is important that they have the right tools and platform on which they can manage everything. We’ve invested heavily in the first version of an online dashboard, here’s some highlights:

Address book

Managing your service business is hard. Once you have more than a handful of chats with clients on WhatsApp messages get lost in a sea of other chats with friends and families. Quorum makes it really easy to separate your work from your personal life.

You can now see everyone who’s signed up to your group, as well as the people you’ve invited and those who’ve requested access. Think of it as an interactive address book with everything you need to know about your clients, so no one ever gets forgotten about and make sure you’re never forgotten to be paid.

And we’re taking it a step further; oftentimes you know which of your clients need to be added to a group. As the group owner, you can now add participants to a group using their name / phone number.

Plan group

Based on your use case we will give you a template & calendar from which you can plan the first four weeks of your group. Many of our initial group owners have found this to be an invaluable way of making sure they’re providing value to their clients and that the group is worth paying for!

Go live

You might not always want to set your group live straight away. You can save the progress of setting up your group and decide when you want everyone to be given access to your group with the flick of a switch ✨

Small items

  • Users are automatically added to groups they’ve already joined if they signup online

  • Personalize your public profile with the ability to optionally add a description and social links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

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