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Message replies

It’s annoying at the best of times not to know what message someone is referring to, especially in group chats where there can sometimes be more than one conversation on the go.

We added message replies so that you know exactly what someone is talking about. In an effort to make Quorum the most familiar chat app out there it works exactly as it does anywhere else. Just swipe on a message, type your own and hit send!

Image loading

We heard you loud and clear. Images were sluggish. Under the worst network conditions we heard them taking up to 50 seconds to send 😞

After some digging we found the problem. We were sending massive images. We were sending images with so many megabytes they’d look good on a 4k screen. We set a 3 second rule internally - images should send and be received within 3 seconds. No exceptions!

And now they do thanks to some clever compression and thumbnail previews 😃 In fact, the whole experience is nicer. There’s even a little blurred preview while you wait.

Improvements and fixes:

  • You now get the chance to confirm the image you’re about to send

  • Fixed a bug with poll messages where votes weren’t being registered

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