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Web chat

Since we launched our business dashboard an increasing amount of admins have been using it to manage their groups on Quorum. We wanted to let them engage with their groups too.

There’s a new tab on the dashboard for every group that lets you open up a chat interface so you can converse exactly as you would on mobile.

Multi-lingual support

The Quorum chat app now detects the system language of a users phone and is able to offer the app in multiple languages. We’ve started by adding French as a second option but send us a message if there’s another language you’d like to see supported - it only takes us about a day to get it setup.

Multiple admins

Not every group is run by a single individual. Some are moderated by multiple admins. We built a way for you to allow multiple Quorum users to act as admins on your group - you’re still the sole owner.

Fixes and improvements

  • See when a user subscribed to your group in the ‘Participants‘ tab on the dashboard

  • Optionally collect emails when a user signs up online

  • Fixed a bug where invited users weren’t automatically being added to groups on signup

  • Get sent a text message when someone joins your group

  • Easily create a private 1:1 chat with a group participant from the web dashboard with a single button

  • Share your Instagram profile as part of your public profile

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