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Redesigned public pages

Many groups are opting to share the web link for their group with participants so that people can sign up without needing to download the app. This is many peoples first experience of the product. We wanted to fill them with confidence as they entered their personal and payment details. So we redesigned the signup page with our new branding (sneak peek 👀) and an improved explanation of the payment details.

Year in Chat

In order to onboard our two new employees we spent a week building a hack project! What came of the week was a tool to analyse your WhatsApp conversation. Get stats on who you chat to the most, which of your groups are most active, and even your favourite emojis 😂💃🥑😷🏖

Give it a try on

Fixes and improvements:

  • Rearchitected push notifications so that all they were more reliable

  • User profiles now allow you to add a tagline alongside your bio

  • Fixed an issue where the UI didn’t scroll out of the way when adding multiple poll answers

  • Improved the time it takes to create a new account (from 4s to 1.5s 🏃‍♂️💨)

  • View what each user is being charged on the web dashboard

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